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Retirement Planning
With increased pressure on pensions with inadequate state pension funding, the removal of many good quality company pension schemes and an increasingly fluid workforce it has never become more important to ensure adequate retirement provision is put in place.
We work with many clients who are working toward or have reached retirement and have solutions to meet those needs through a highly personalised service.
With the new pension freedoms allowing more flexible access to money saved within your pension the need for specialist advice has never been greater and we are well placed as an experienced pension practitioner to help clients choose the right option for them when reaching retirement.
Self Employed or Business Owners
Advice on the plethora of flexible pension arrangements to take advantage of business owners specific needs for themselves and the staff that you have.

Advice on Work-Based Pensions under the new Auto-Enrolment Rules
Employed Individuals
Advice on pension products available to those in employment who may be a member of the employer's pension scheme or have an employer that does not offer a scheme.
Specific, straightforward advice to suit your needs
"money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons" Woody Allen

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